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At Rister’s, we pride ourselves on our skill set to work in all areas of car repair. Those include mechanical, regular maintenance and transmission services.

Mechanical Services

oil changes on cars and trucks alton il

Oil Changes

You should be getting your oil changed every 3,000-5,000 miles. Schedule an appointment for an oil change, today!

brakes repair near alton il


Do you hear a high pitch squealing noise? Your brakes might need repaired. Schedule a diagnostic with us, today!


All car owners will need to have their suspension replaced at some point. Call to schedule an appointment to get your suspension replaced or repaired.


Tire rotation and balancing is another part of regular maintenance. We can also repair or replace your tires.

warning lights repair in alton il

Warning Lights

Are any of these warning lights on? We can perform a diagnostic on them.

auto diagnostics check in alton il


Not sure what is wrong with your car? We will run a complete and accurate diagnostic to identify the problem at hand.

Coolant Issues

Are you experiencing a coolant leak? We will repair and refill your coolant quickly and effectively.

engine repair shop alton illinois

Engine Repair

Engine repairs are inevitable. Time to time your engine will need minor tune-ups and repairs as your car ages.

Front & Rear Differential Repair

Differential repairs are easy and sometimes only need a fluid exchange. Schedule an appointment and we will inspect your car.

car electrical system repair in alton illinois

Electrical Problems

Your car’s electrical system is one of the most important functions. If you are experiencing electrical issues, bring your car to us right away.

a/c charge and repair in alton il

A/C Charge & Repair

Noticing that you’re A/C isn’t working? Bring it in and we will inspect, identify the issue, repair and send you on your way.

car drivability system repair near alton il

Drivability Issues

Is your check engine light? We can run an accurate diagnostic and repair the issue.

Transmission Services

transmission diagnostic and repair alton il

Diagnostic & Repair

We can perform a complete transmission diagnostic on your transmission. We then can identify if your transmission needs repairs or if it needs an overhaul/replaced.

car transfer case repair alton il

All-Wheel and
Four-Wheel Drive Repair

We will perform a complete inspection and diagnostic on you vehicle. You will have your four-wheel drive back in no time!

Transmission Overhaul

We can completely rebuild/replace your transmission. Call us to make an appointment for a complete and accurate diagnosis.